St. Paul’s Academy

22 Nov 2018

St. Paul’s Academy takes its name from St. Paul, one of the greatest Apostles of Christ.
Paul was born at Tarsus into a Jewis family and belonged to the tribe of Benjamin. His original name was Saul. He also took the name Paulus as was the custom among Jews who were Roma citizens. The name Paulus in Latin means “little”.

In his early thirties, Paul became a fanatic and persecuted the Christians. It was when he was bound for Damascus on an evil mission that the Lord himself appeared to him and asked him, “Saul, Saul, why doth thou persecute me?” His inner self recognised his Master’s Voice and he responded instantly. He gave up his evil ways and became a servant of God and eventually became the great “Apostle of the Gentiles”.From that moment he never looked back. He rendered Yeoman’s Service to the Church. His dedication to a cause was incomparable.

Paul’s contribution to the Church has been so great that in recognition, Pope Benedict XVI, the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, declared 2008-2009 as Pauline year.

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